one brush stroke at a time

I began making art professionally in 1993, and I figure after 25 years (whoa!) of sitting quietly in front of an easel, I've taken a very long and loudly colored journey.  I've made hundreds of paintings, some taking months and even years to complete. I've sold a whole lot of work, and although I will never claim to be rich and famous, I know deep down without any real need for outside validation, that I am indeed very good at what I do and living exactly how I am supposed to live.

I've sipped my full share of cheap white wine at art receptions and I've seen people weep, expressing that my work touched a deep place inside them.  I've also had people earnestly seek me out to tell me how much they loathe what I do. A whole stack of my paintings are in the hands of collectors all over the United States, and a few have found their way to Australia, Canada, and even Switzerland.  And back in the day, when I was still in the conventional art system, I had piles of rej…
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