Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Studio Update

Well, my 'bus' painting is slowly evolving. It is still far from done, but has undergone a great deal of changes since I posted about it way back in August. The mother and child in the foreground were completely repainted, and the older woman in the front was just sketched out back then. I don't feel as lost as I was previously, and I think I finally know what this work wants to say. I have some wild things I want to do with the landscape out the windows, and I still have some small background passengers to complete. As always, the painting starts to get real bossy about what it's about, and eventually I just try my best to do what I'm told. The process of this work has been interesting, because I have really been making an effort to visually memorize people I encounter out in the world, and although there is no striking likeness, I still am attempting to copy clothing styles and the like.   

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