Thursday, February 22, 2018

one brush stroke at a time

I began making art professionally in 1993, and I figure after 25 years (whoa!) of sitting quietly in front of an easel, I've taken a very long and loudly colored journey.  I've made hundreds of paintings, some taking months and even years to complete. I've sold a whole lot of work, and although I will never claim to be rich and famous, I know deep down without any real need for outside validation, that I am indeed very good at what I do and living exactly how I am supposed to live. This has been learned the hard way--by staggering down every wrong path until I finally stumbled onto where I belong again.

I've sipped my full share of cheap white wine at art receptions and I've seen people weep, expressing that my work touched a deep place inside them.  I've also had people earnestly seek me out to tell me how much they loathe what I do. A whole stack of my paintings are in the hands of collectors all over the United States, and a few have found their way to Australia, Canada, and even Switzerland.  And back in the day, when I was still in the conventional art system, I had piles of rejection letters, so many that I glued some of them to stretched canvas, and used them as background texture for my painting. 

I've got a lot to say, and although I hardly think my life is some sort of 'how to make it as an artist' textbook, I do think that perhaps I do have some insights on how to be a practical dreamer, on how to keep something very special given to you by the Creator alive and well in a world that would like nothing more than to stomp it out.

Topics on this blog will be in four categories: technical hints on painting, the everyday challenges of the artist, a bit of marketing, and the inspiration that can be drawn from the quotes of great artists that came before us.

I will have a new post out the last week of every month. (And if you might happen to be interested in my other great passion, which is homemaking, that blog can be found at: Ellen's Almanac.

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